Bullet Religion

“If you’re not packing a .45, you’re not even armed.”

“Forty ‘short-and-week’ is a worthless cartridge,”

“Why would anybody carry a little 9mm?”

Any of these sound familiar?

Well, perhaps there is a small grain of truth in some of these statements, depending on the context in which they are uttered; however, it’s been my experience over the years that too many gun owners take way too much pride in their chosen “bullet religion.” I say “religion” because occasionally we all run into those devout, evangelical members of the “Church of 45.” No amount of scientific evidence will dissuade them from their faith and fervor; common sense and reason are just not a part of their universe. They latch onto their favorite notion and “preach the gospel” at every opportunity. The more they preach, the better they feel about the big .45 they carry.

Granted, nobody enjoys shooting big .45 slugs more than I, and we all have to admit that all things being equal, a bigger bullet could actually have a bit more effect, depending on size, velocity, and bullet design, but to ignore the modern advances in bullet design and extensive testing that has been done by the FBI and other reputable agencies is just plain silly. Regarding terminal effects, extensive testing with quality modern hollow points has demonstrated little or no difference among the most common three defensive cartridges: 9mm, 40 S&W, and .45 ACP.

In terms of defensive considerations, there are SO many factors WAY more important than a few hundredths of an inch of bullet diameter. Preparation, mindset, firearm choice, shooting skill, bullet placement, luck, etc. will all be very important factors in surviving a defensive shooting. A very slight increase in handgun bullet diameter is probably not going to be the determining factor that saves your life.

Sure enough, religion can provide a great deal of comfort, but “bullet doctrines” that lead to fervent evangelism not only annoy the rest of us, they can give the believer a false sense of power and confidence. After all, it’s only a handgun!

Life is Good,