About Us

John and I are both avid firearms enthusiasts who enjoy all areas of the shooting sports, as well as  learning about the vast, interesting world of firearms. The history and design of firearms is a fascinating subject that never gets old.

Our primary focus lies in creating content that is educational, objective, and maybe sometimes a little entertaining. We take pride in  remaining independent in our firearms reviews, sharing only our own personal preferences and biases, rather than anything a firearms company would like to hear us say. That’s very important to us.

John has certainly been involved with firearms since he could walk. What else would you expect of a young person growing up on a shooting range with a father who happens to be fairly fond of firearms. While I did not get started myself with real firearms quite as early as John, my childhood was awash in cap guns and BB guns of all sorts. I recall even having a toy six-shooter Peacemaker that shot little hard plastic spring-loaded bullets. Don’t think THAT would make it to market in today’s world.